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Is what you see real? Does your mind control you? Discover how your brain really works.

How does your brain create your reality? Are you in control, or is your brain controlling you? Discover the surprising answers based on the latest research in this eye-opening journey into the human brain with neuroscientist Heather Berlin. Your brain – for centuries a black box – is slowly giving up its secrets to modern neuroscience, shedding light on big questions that go to the very heart of who you are. (A two-part series premiering May 17, 2023 at 9 pm)


Science Goes to the Movies

Science Goes to the Movies is a new series, co-hosted by Faith Salie and Dr. Heather Berlin, that looks at the science in contemporary motion pictures.

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Superhuman Showdown – Internationally acclaimed scientists Dr Heather Berlin, Dr Rahul Jandial and Professor Greg Whyte examine remarkable individuals at their cutting edge laboratory to determine the source of their superhuman skills.

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